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Aggregated Accounts: End-to-End Funding to Payments

New payment methods integrating wire transfer, currency exchange using a singular payment platform, now make possible an end-to-end view of incoming & outgoing money flows across multiple tiers of provider relationships.

While nearly any product, service or product-as-a-service can grow globally more rapidly through indirect channels than through direct channels, the ability to do so has often been constrained by payment systems created for the 20th-century premise that each tier of distribution took ownership of the product, and each market was being served separately rather than globally.

New payment methods integrating the essential elements of card processing, ACH and wire transfer, currency exchange and online methods such as PayPal into a singular payment platform, now make possible an end-to-end view of incoming customer or sponsor funds through to the allocated distribution of those funds to suppliers, affiliates or partners with fully automated payment processes, accelerating the speed of business across multiple tiers of provider relationships. And beyond enabling nearly any manner of indirect business model from reseller, referral, agents, franchisee and influencers to bundlers and fundraisers, they also empower a ‘go global now’ approach by lowering cost barriers to unprecedented levels.

End-to-End Portfolio View

To be most effective, you’ll need to see the whole process – from beginning to end – in a single view. To be highly engaged, your stakeholders, likewise, need to see the entire portfolio of their activity through a single lens.

Providing a ‘Portfolio View’ to everyone involved, Company or Program Manager, Partner or Payee, is essential to ensure transparency. Linking the who, what, when, where and why enables you to manage to multiple objectives using a common process and platform even if the entry points for incoming funds and end points for payment mechanisms vary.

End-to-End Portfolio View
End-to-End Portfolio View

Simplified, Smart Payment Architecture

By simplifying the architecture to reflect the external connections (entry points and end points) and platform capabilities – a series of Individual or Company digital wallets that can be configured to align with the transactional workflows of each business relationship – the payment platform can provide line-of-site to each stakeholder in the value equation.

The digital wallets for each account are organized based on currency, effectively provisioning all with multi-currency capabilities. Thus, the platform can handle currency FX within for both remitters and beneficiaries– at much lower rates – than a Company or Individual would receive externally.

By aligning these capabilities with your business processes, you can implement a white-labeled global payments platform with embedded payment APIs, to accept, transfer, disburse and control the movement of your or your customers’ money in ways never before possible.

Rapid and Easy Onboarding

By converging traditional card processing and bank transfer methods including ACH and wire transfer with a sophisticated, flexible digital wallet system, XTRM APIs enable ISV and inhouse developer to build external funding payments directly into nearly any business process.

Simply configure connected accounts on whose behalf incoming funds are to be received, designating acceptable payment sources – Visa/MasterCard/American Express or via ACH. Then direct the flow of the incoming funds through digital wallets to the designated beneficiaries.

Digital wallets can be created for any purpose (program, event, transaction, etc.) as well as at any Partner level (single-tier, two-tier, etc.) creating a ‘Portfolio View’ to everyone involved – Company or Program Manager, Partner or Payee. This is what we call the ‘collaborative wallet’ providing access rights as needed for transactional and reporting visibility to each stakeholder.

Eliminate Merchant Processing Fees

The payment platform aligns incoming and outgoing payments to simplify business process, lower operating costs and provide transparency, flexibility, compliance and security to both payor and payee while removing the need to for a separate merchant processing account.

Direct and Indirect Flows

The platform enables aggregators to create both direct and indirect flows by creating programs unique to each payment workflow to receive direct customer payments as well as pay beneficiaries directly.

Accepting funds directly from Customers on behalf of partners, paying suppliers or profit sharing directly can be configured through Connected Accounts. Connected Accounts can be created via APIs, then Customers of Connected Accounts can be dynamically added as needed automatically and the KYC compliance tasks managed from within the payments platform without the need to hold-up fund transactions.

APIs can link newly acquired customer info to both a Company and the Partner’s (Connected Account) CRM tools. These can be configured to support a broad range of use cases from e-commerce to incentives. Aggregators can configure multiple workflows at the Program level to accommodate the specific payment workflows based on the unique business requirements and transactional nature of various relationship models including referral and reseller partners, franchisees, agents, ISVs, contractors and sub-contractors, fundraisers, etc.

XTRM Direct and XTRM Choice – End Points

Providing multiple endpoint options within a singular payment platform enables you to serve your clients and partner with choices that might be either more attractive for your payees’ personal or business reasons or more aligned with your payment’s business purpose.

Business or regulatory issues may dictate the use of a specific option (e.g. ACH) which is managed via using XTRM Direct. While, if choice is an option, we believe the Companies and Individuals should be paid in the manner they prefer, which is why we created XTRM Choice, providing the recipient with ability to choose their preferred payment mechanism – ACH, wire transfer, digital prepaid debit or gift cards, or PayPal. XTRM Choice also enables the recipient to use their digital wallet for currency FX at lower than market rates prior to selecting their payment endpoint.


Aggregated accounts provide the holistic view and end-to-end process to manage incoming and outgoing funds on behalf of your company, your client and their partners along with the flexibility to manage many business models cost-effectively.

I invite you to visit our website for more information on the XTRM AnyPay™ Payments Platform.

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