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Webinar Recap: Maximizing Incentive Payment Recipient Value with XTRM

We discussed how to maximize the value of incentive payments for recipients in our June 2024 webinar. The goal of this event was to discuss issues related to handling foreign incentive payments, going beyond simple transactions. Read more for the main lessons learned during the session.

In our recent webinar last June 2024, we delved into optimizing the value of incentive payments for recipients. This session aimed to go beyond basic transactions and address the challenges faced when managing international incentive payments. Here are the key takeaways from the webinar:

Challenges in Running Incentive Programs

Tax Documentation:

  • Collecting and reporting tax information can be complex and labor-intensive.
  • Communicating with partners to ensure they have all necessary tax documents.

Data Security:

  •  Storing banking and payment data securely is crucial to avoid liability.
  •  Compliance with privacy requirements such as GDPR and SOC 2 is necessary.

Reporting and Audit Trail:

  •  Maintaining a clear audit trail of transactions.
  •  Consolidating data from multiple payment sources.

Missed and Untracked Payments:

  • Reducing the occurrence of missed or untracked payments.
  • Ensuring timely and accurate payments to maintain partner satisfaction.

Payment Methods:

  •  Identifying preferred payment methods for partners in different countries.
  • Dealing with various payment requirements and potential loss of payments.

Partner Communication:

  • Handling extensive communication and setup processes with partners.
  • Avoiding manual work and ensuring smooth transactions.

How XTRM Solves These Issues:

  1. Built-in Pay Manager:
  • Automates account and wallet creation for partners receiving payments.
  • Simplifies the payment process by creating necessary currency wallets automatically.


  1. Comprehensive Tax Provisioning:
  •  As a third-party settlement organization, XTRM handles all compliance and tax obligations.
  •  Provides 1099-K forms for US recipients and relevant forms for other regions.


  1. Secure Data Storage:
  • Ensures secure storage and transport of sensitive information.
  • Complies with GDPR, PCI, and other data privacy standards.


  1. Transactional History and Reporting:
  • Offers complete reporting of transactional history.
  • Provides options to download transaction history in CSV or PDF format for reconciliation and audit purposes.


  1. Multiple Recipient Transfer Endpoints:
  • Supports various payment methods including digital gift cards, virtual Visa cards, and bank transfers.
  • Localizes payment options to suit the recipient’s region.


  1. Payment Velocity:
  • Eliminates delays associated with traditional bank transfers.
  • Enables instant payments to recipients once funds are allocated.


Demo Highlights:

  1. Recipient Experience:
  • New recipients receive a validation email to create an account and set up a password.
  • Access to the XTRM portal to view and manage payment history and wallet information.


  1. Wallet Management:
  • Creation of multiple wallets for different currencies.
  • Ability to rename wallets for easier tracking.


  1. Fund Transfers:
  • Multiple transfer options including digital gift cards and bank transfers.
  • Flexibility to transfer funds in parts and through different methods.


  1. Currency Exchange:
  • In-platform currency exchange with live exchange rates.
  • Facilitates seamless conversions for international recipients.


  1. Tax Management:
  • Comprehensive tax reporting features.
  • Automatic prompts for necessary tax information and documentation.


XTRM’s platform streamlines the process of managing incentive payments, addressing the common challenges faced by businesses. By automating account setups, ensuring compliance, securing data, and offering flexible payment options, XTRM enhances the overall experience for partners and recipients. The platform’s robust features and API integration capabilities further simplify the payment process, making it an invaluable tool for businesses looking to maximize the value of their incentive programs.

Watch the full video here.

For more information or assistance with setting up your account, don’t hesitate to book a call with the team.

Stay tuned for our next webinar where we’ll continue to explore innovative solutions for improving business operations and partner relationships.

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