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Kademi and XTRM: A Relationship Driven by Results

XTRM and Kademi come together to offer best in class channel partner payment options globally.

Driving channel partner performance is challenging, requiring a great strategy, a strong team, and the best tools to execute the strategy programmatically. Empowering, enabling, and rewarding partner organizations and their teams is at the core of Kademi’s Partner Relationship Management software.

Kademi’s full-stack platform gives its customers the tools they need to succeed, from automatically nurturing partners to achieve sales targets and complete online training.

Partner portals can be created in lightning speed using Kademi’s code-free drag and drop editor and bring together all the elements of a successful program, including partner incentives, training, and payments.

Kademi knows that the axiom, relationships drive business results, is true when it comes to partner engagement. That’s why the partnership with XTRM, Inc. is so important. It provides Kademi’s customers with the ability to pay their partners globally, instantly, and cost-effectively using Kademi’s automated workflows and XTRM’s multi-currency digital wallet architecture, so partners receive payments in their local currency and preferred format.

After all, the inverse is also true: business results drive relationships. And partners reward vendors with their loyalty who are easy to do business with and allow them to receive their incentive payments their way. It’s a win-win, just like the XTRM-Kademi partnership.

To learn more about Kademi, visit their website here.

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