XTRM Insights and Analysis

For ISVs, Integrators & Aggregators

Is It Too Early to Talk About 2021 Tax Reporting?

Paying your partners, contractors and even customers can create tax reporting obligations that often turn into avoidable administrative burdens.

XTRM Update December 2020

Join XTRM CEO, Richard Grogan-Crane, for a quick take on trends in the financial industry and where XTRM fits as a payments technology provider.

Why Use Digital Wallets for B2B Payments

The use of digital wallets on a global payments platform as a tool to send/receive and manage funds has emerged a new model for payment processing.

For ISVs, Integrators & Aggregators

Digital Wallets and eWallets Defined

While definitions may vary for digital or e-wallet, the benefits are inarguably worth considering. Both the beauty and the definition of a digital...

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