XTRM Update - December, 2019


XTRM Widgets™ 

XTRM announces the immediate availability of XTRM Widgets™ making it easier to deploy XTRM’s intelligent payments platform without the need for any development work using white-labeled pop-up web or mobile forms to handle all your payment related tasks 

Companies can now quickly onboard new suppliers and customers with simple, self-serve forms as well as many other payment related tasks including:  

Onboard Companies

  • Remitter Account Setup
  • Beneficiary Account Setup
  • Company and Individual Profiles
  • Create Digital Currency Wallets
  • AML/KYC Compliance

Link Accounts 

  • Link company accounts to any global bank for receiving and sending funds
  • Link individual accounts to any global bank for receiving and sending funds  

Fund Wallets

  • Receive funds into digital wallets   

IDL 2.0 Identity Level

XTRM launches Identity level 2.0, an enhanced version of its powerful realtime identity monitoring, and transaction tracking and security system. This provides enhanced trust and transaction assurances, and provides customers and partners even more functionality around KYC and AML requirements need to fulfill secure global payments

Transfer to Check Functionality

XTRM continues to expand the number of end points that companies and individuals can transfer their funds to, either using XTRM Choice™ or XTRM Direct™ by adding traditional checks. Now companies can receive payments in check format alongside the existing options for digital transfers. 

New APIs - ACH Fund/Mass Check and ACH Transfer 

XTRM continues to expand the list of API offerings with the following additional calls

  • Fund wallet via ACH debit 
  • Capture KYC data for Companies
  • Transfer Direct to Check 




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