Why the Case for Digital Payments is Stronger Than Ever

The corona virus has changed life in so many ways; sheltering at home and businesses either shutdown or working from home is changing the ways customers interact with their banks, financial institutions and service providers. 

However, since most experts agree that digital fintech companies are better positioned than their traditional counterparts to meet the need now and going forward, we thought we owed our customers and prospects an XTRM business update. 

First, our teams are decentralized, and our platform is a state-of-the-industry, multi-tenant, 100% cloud-based solution operating around the world rather than using centralized resources working with unwieldy, legacy platforms.

Next, our intelligent global payments platform and digital wallet architectures are designed to securely and effectively integrate with our partners' applications as they address the fast-changing economic situation.

Finally, our recent updates include the addition of Manager Account functionality.  These enhancements make it easier than ever for both ISVs and AR/AP service providers to embed our white label payments capabilities to meet their clients and customers end-to-end payments requirements, offering their own tier 1/tier 2 support backed by our platform, APIs and integrated, AI-supported AML/KYC compliance and tax reporting. 

If you still need more evidence that intelligent digital wallets should replace legacy payment processes sooner rather than later, consider the following: 

On the other side of this pandemic there's bound to be a new B2B marketplace where operational efficiency, lowering the cost of payments and finding new sources of revenue are certain to be at a premium. 

If you'd like to see our platform in action and start planning for the post-pandemic environment, let’s schedule a call and see how our solution can positively impact your business future.

Richard Grogan-Crane 

CEO,  XTRM,Inc. 


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