XTRM Year Over Year (YOY) Growth Accelerates


digital transformation of payments processes 

XTRM Growth Continues into 2021 

Digital transformation of payment processes continues apace as XTRM Partners and their Customers expand cross-border and other B2B and B2B2C use cases using digital wallets for payments via the XTRM payment platform and API.   

Year over year revenues doubled as XTRM added more new users (120% YOY) and processed more transactions (150% YOY).  

payments processes user growth

Growth can be attributed both to new Partners and Customers as well as to increases in users and transactions for client companies experiencing higher demand for digital products and services.  Embedding payment distribution using XTRM APIs is the principal accelerant fueling user and transaction growth.  Meanwhile, providing payment recipients with self-serve banking links for optimal privacy and security as well as a choice of payment options are keys to improving the payee user experience and acceptance.  

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