XTRM Update December 2020

Join XTRM CEO, Richard Grogan-Crane, for a quick take on trends in the financial industry and where XTRM fits as a payments technology provider.

In twenty short minutes, he’ll:

  • Take you through how payments technology has evolved to make global payments and currency exchange openly accessible to any any ISV.  
  • Explain how AML and KYC compliance is managed at the same level of regulatory compliance required by traditional financial institution. 
  • Talk about how how software companies have adopted the technology.
  • Share some of the best practices developed to manage global company accounts. 
  • Give you a glimpse into the near-term roadmap and show-off the new IOS app!  

See how clients like Hewlett-Packard, SunPower and Zoom Video Communications are using digital wallets and connected accounts to solve complex global payment solutions more effectively and efficiently.  

It’s definitely time well spent.   Check it out now

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